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1. How do I contact the Personnel Office

Personnel - Applications for Examination / Appointment

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1. The employment application is really long. Do I have to complete the whole thing?
2. Do I need to complete an employment/exam application if I provide a resume?
3. If I’m not sure how to answer certain questions on the application, is it okay to write my best guess?
4. If I have criminal convictions, can I wait until the employment interview to provide details?

Personnel - Civil Service Exams

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1. Is there one Civil Service exam for all positions?
2. How do I apply to take an exam?
3. Which public employers hire using the results of examinations administered by Livingston County?
4. How can I obtain information on specific civil service exams?
5. If an exam is announced, does this mean there are open positions?
6. May I submit an exam application after the deadline?
7. May I take more than one examination on a single test date?
8. How may I pay my exam fee?
9. Can I get a waiver of the exam fee?
10. When will I be notified if my exam application has been approved?
11. Where are Civil Service examinations held?
12. Are there study guides for Civil Service exams?
13. What happens after I take the exam?
14. What is an eligible list and how is it used?
15. What do I do if my address changes after I apply for the exam?
16. What are veteran’s credits, and how do I apply?
17. Does Livingston County accept applications for State (including SUNY) and Federal exams?
18. What is the difference between an open-competitive and promotional exam?
19. What is a continuous recruitment exam?
20. What is a training and experience exam?
21. What are “special arrangements” for an exam?

Personnel - Job Openings

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1. For which public employers does Livingston County accept employment applications?
2. How are job openings announced?
3. How do I apply for a Livingston County job opening?
4. Can I submit an application for a job opening after the deadline?
5. How may I obtain additional information regarding a job opening?
6. What is the hiring process for Livingston County?
7. Who makes hiring decisions for Livingston County?
8. What do I do if my address changes after I apply for a job?
9. Does Livingston County accept employment applications for Federal, State and SUNY positions?

Personnel - Residency

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1. If I live close to the Livingston County line, can I qualify as an in-County resident?
2. If I am a student at SUNY Geneseo, am I a Livingston County resident?
3. If I get a Post Office Box in Livingston County, am I a Livingston County resident?
4. What happens if I change my residence?