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2017 Teen Recognition Nomination Fill In Form

  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING THIS FORM. Our goal is to recognize and award youth in our county who have demonstrated community involvement, exceptional leadership, or have overcome a significant challenge that has positively influenced others. Youth will be awarded under one of the following categories: CHOOSE ONLY ONE (1) Community Involvement, (2) Leadership, OR (3) Overcoming a challenge and how it has influenced others. In order for a youth to be nominated they must be age 15 by February 10, 2017. Youth are eligible while in school and up to high school graduation. A nominee may be a Livingston County resident or may reside outside the county and make a significant contribution to Livingston County. Academic and athletic abilities or participation ARE NOT considered criteria for selection. The manner in which the teen leads (cooperative, team player, mentor, leader) however may be considered relevant to the nomination. Please follow these instructions and rules. All nominations need to be submitted Friday February 10, 2017 by 4:00 PM or they will be disqualified. (NO EXCEPTIONS.) Parents, guardians, and relatives are not eligible to make a nomination for someone to whom they are related. Youth may nominate their peers. Nominators are limited to making five (5) nominations in total and may not nominate the same youth in subsequent years. If you are nominating youth that belong to a group; each nomination needs to be written separately and the information should be unique to the individual group member nominated. Specify what stood out about the individual in comparison to others in the group. Provide as much detail as possible to support and substantiate ONLY ONE of the three award categories. Personal information provided will be used discreetly in nomination summaries provided to the public. You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of the electronic form after submitting online. Please call Mary Guldenschuh at 243-6909 if you have questions concerning the forms or process. Announcement and Presentation of Awards: A selection committee of the Youth Bureau/Board will review each nomination to determine eligibility for an award. After the committee review and selection process has been completed, the approved nominees will be sent a letter informing them of the award. An invitation to attend the Recognition Banquet will follow. The nominator is also informed and invited to the recognition banquet where the youth will receive recognition by the Youth Bureau/Board, county and state officials and be given a recognition pin. Recognition certificates are provided to the nominating person at the banquet or by mail, shortly following the banquet. The nominator is responsible to recognize the youth locally by presenting the certificate in a meaningful manner (Ex. Awards Assembly, Town Council Meeting, Worship Service, etc.).

  2. Must be 15 by February 10, 2017

  3. Add Post Office Box if applicable.

  4. Organization that connects you to this teen.

  5. Ask the youth that you are nominating to talk about their interests and service work. This conversation gives them an opportunity to provide additional information and supporting documentation about other areas of their life of which you may not be aware. Choose which type of award best fits your nominee and respond to JUST that section: 1. Community Involvement 2. Leadership 3. Overcoming a Challenge and Its Positive Influence on Others

  6. Describe in detail the nominee’s role/contribution within the community and his or her commitment to volunteerism and community service (can be as simple as assisting a neighbor or friend). Please list the youth’s participation in organizations, committees, or community groups.

  7. Describe in detail how the nominee has demonstrated leadership by enlisting the aid and support of others to accomplish a common goal. Athletic and academic abilities or participation alone are not considered criteria for selection. Leadership on and off the field or in and out of the classroom must be demonstrated. The manner in which the teen leads such as being cooperative, acting as a role model, motivating others or mentoring is more relevant to the nomination than the athletic or academic skill.

  8. Describe in detail how the nominee has overcome a personal challenge and how overcoming that challenge has made a positive impact on the nominee. How then has overcoming the challenge been able to have a positive influence on others? Some youth have been faced with challenging personal situations such as illness, disability, substance abuse, or loss of a family member or friend that impacts their lives and they use it in a positive way. All sensitive information will be kept confidential.

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