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County Historian Records Index

     Search the record indexes available online to begin exploring the Livingston County Historian's resources. New content is being added weekly, so be sure to check back. See the descriptions below for a field guide of categories on the database.
     Note: there are no uploaded images linked here; this is purely a database of references.

Census: an individual entry from a census schedule in Livingston County. The New York State Census of 1855, 1865 (partial), 1892 (Sparta only), 1915, and 1925 are available here. Images of original census pages, 1790-1930, are available in the County Historian's Office, as well as on

Church: indexed names from church registers, minute books, and other documents from around Livingston County. In some cases, more information or original images may be available; please inquire. (New content uploaded occasionally.)
    Series currently contains:
  • East Avon First Presbyterian Church Records, 1810-1911
  • Caledonia First Presbyterian Church Records, 1805-1886
  • Geneseo:
    • Geneseo St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, 1827-1871
    • Geneseo St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Baptisms, 1857-1935
    • Geneseo St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Marriages, 1859-1955
  • Associate Reformed Church of Cuylerville (Leicester), General Register, 1847-1865
  • Lima Presbyterian Church Records, 1804-1974
  • Livonia Center Presbyterian Church Records, 1806-1949
  • Mt. Morris:
    • Brooks Grove (Mt. Morris) Adult Sunday School Records, c. 1843-1858
    • Brooks Grove Cradle Roll, 1928-1941
    • Brooks Grove Secretary’s Book, 1905-1918
    • Mt. Morris Presbyterian Church Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, and Admissions by Rev. Levi Parsons, 1856-1901 (in process)
    • Mt. Morris First Baptist Society Member Lists, 1846-1847
  • Ossian Presbyterian Church Records, 1818-1904
  • Sparta:
    • Sparta Freewill Baptist Church Records, 1829-1844
    • Sparta First Presbyterian Church Records, 1828, 1839
    • Sparta German Lutheran Church Records, 1837-1875

most entries are from a survey of all legible Livingston County burial markers up to 1885, created by the DAR in 1945. All available information from this survey is online. All entries from other sources will cite the source in the References field and show a "N" in the Marked Graves field - it does not necessarily mean the individual is in an unmarked grave. To check for more obituaries from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, visit their website. (New content every week.)

Ledger: includes entries from various business and organization ledgers, as well as scattered vital records. Please ask if there is uncertainty about what an entry may indicate. Series comprises:

  • Vital Records:
    • Livingston County Vital Records, 1847-1849. An 1847 law required each town clerk to collect vital statistics (birth, death, and marriage records), though they ceased doing so after a few years. This series includes the towns of Caledonia through York, between about 1847-1849. There are no records from the town of Avon, nor from Ossian (which was still part of Allegany County). Other towns had varying degrees of compliance with the law.
    • Rev. C. L. Bown Marriage Records, 1843-1881. A reverend's records of marriages around Geneseo.
  • Businesses:
    • Reuben Waldo account book, 1829-1839. Waldo was a wagon maker and blacksmith located in the Village of Avon and kept a register of his clients.
    • Reuben Waldo account book, 1857-1870.
    • Avon Springs Water Cure ledger, 1872-1881. Lists names of patients and visitors to the Avon Cure hotel and spa.
    • Caledonia General Store Daybook, 1815-1816. A very early register of customers' accounts in the Caledonia vicinity.
  • School Records:
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #4, Aug. 1901-Jul. 1902.
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #4, Aug. 1902-Jul. 1903.
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #4, Aug. 1903-Jul. 1904.
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #4, Aug. 1905-Jul. 1906.
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #4, Aug. 1906-Jul. 1907.
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #4, Aug. 1908-Jul. 1909.
    • School Register, Avon Dist. #6, Aug. 1917-Jul. 1918.
    • Census of Children of Geneseo District #5, 1874.
    • School Register, Geneseo Dist. #3, Aug. 1899-July 1900.
    • School Register, Geneseo Dist. #3, Aug. 1900-July 1901.
    • School Register, Livonia Dist. #13, Aug. 1899-Jul. 1900.
    • School Register, Livonia Dist. #13, Aug. 1901-Jul. 1902.
    • School Register, Springwater/Canadice Dist. #4, Nov. 1866 - May 1868.
    • School Register, Portage Dist. #4, Aug. 1905-Jul. 1906.
  • Justice of the Peace Records:
    • Groveland Justice of the Peace Civil Docket, 1903-1908. Just a few civil cases seen by the Groveland Justice of the Peace.
    • Groveland Justice of the Peace Criminal Docket, 1903-1905.
    • Justice of the Peace Docket, Livonia, 1850-1880.
  • Organizations:
    • Lakeville Temperance Society minutebook, 1828-1840. The members of this early temperance society in a hamlet in Livonia have been indexed.
    • Register of Oakland Lodge, 1855-1875. The members of this Masonic Lodge were from the Nunda/Portage/Castile/Genesee Falls and Pike areas.
    • Knights of the Maccabees, York Lodge, Member Register, 1903-1905.

Marriage: entries from the Livingston County Clerk's Record of Marriages, 1908-1926. Some entries may be drawn from an index only, with no other information available; these will be identified in the Notes field. Others are from the actual marriage license, so upon request more information will be available. In either case, click on the number given in the record to find the spouse's name. Original images may be available from (Series complete.)

an entry from naturalization or citizenship registers, 1821-1954. Most may be limited to the information visible in the Records Index. (Series complete.)

Newspapers: a reference to a newspaper article (usually between 1824-1911) in which the indexed name appears. Most newspapers are on microfilm in the Livingston County Historian's Office; some may also be discoverable on (New content every week.)

Poorhouse: the individual named was indexed from a register of residents at the Poorhouse or Almshouse located in Geneseo or from a ledger of Poorhouse proceedings. (Series currently complete.)

Veteran: the person named has been identified as having served in the military via one or more sources. The Soldiers in Service reference covers 2001-present and consists of clippings. More information may be available upon request. (New content uploaded monthly.)

Updated March 2017

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