County SHAPE Steering Committee

Livingston County's Supportive Health Awareness Program for Employees (SHAPE) is steered by the County Administrator as well as a Steering Committee of department heads and/or designated department representatives. 

* NOTE: Bingo Boards can go to the following folks noted below. 

  • Government Center (Geneseo):
    • Katelyn Gelser - Human Services
    • James Kemnitz - Public Defender's Office
    • Ashley Scutt  & *Lindsey Meys - County Administrator's Office
    • Peggy Thomas - County Clerk & DMV's Office
    • For September 2023 County SHAPE Challenge (any of the following): 
      • Clerk's Office - Kris Secor
      • County Administration -Lindsey Meys 
      • Human Resources -Katelyn Gelser 
      • Probation - Lindsay German 
  • Murray Hill Buildings (Mt. Morris):
    • Shauna Mandell and Ashley McArdle - Department of Social Services
    • Anne DeMarte and Monica Jarzyna - Office for the Aging
    • Kim Ruliffson - Department of Health - Building 2
    • Sara McDonald - Veterans Services 
    • Dana Henry - Central Services
    • Megan Sokolow - Records Management 
    • Holly Watson - Historian
    • Pammi Hill - Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Hampton Complex Buildings (Mt. Morris):
    • Elaine Szoczei-Brehm - Highway Department
    • Leslie Magee - Emergency Management & Emergency Medical Services
    • Kim Ruliffson - Department of Health  - Dog Control
  • Sheriff's Office Building (Geneseo):
    • Amanda Schultz - Sheriff's Office
  • Mental Health and Community Services (Geneseo):
    • Kristen Fisher - Department of Health


  • Kate Hill - Human Resources
  • Lisa Kenney  - Department of Health

Organizational Structure: 

  • The goal is that most departments and all buildings have a representative to serve on the COUNTY Steering Committee to improve health and wellness policies, systems, and environments to benefit all county employees.  
  • Each department has its own committee/team for its specific health and wellness/well-being activities, goals, and initiatives. 

Minutes from Steering Committee Meetings