Senior Emergency Contact Information

January 2018 - Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty is pleased to announce a new program designed to assist Senior Citizens in getting the appropriate help they need in case of an emergency.

Cell phones often provide the Livingston County Emergency Communications Center (E-911) an incoming cell phone’s location anywhere within Livingston County. However, the phone number alone will not provide the dispatcher with medical and other information that could be helpful to the caller in a time of need.

The Sheriff’s Office, which operates the Emergency Communications Center, now has a new Emergency Contact Form which Senior Citizens can complete that provides valuable medical and other important information to the ECC. The information provided is entered into the computer system and would be accessed in case of an emergency to send the most appropriate assistance as quickly as possible. The information will also be available to the Sheriff’s Office Communications Bureau when folks call the Sheriff’s Office direct.

The population of Livingston County, as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau is approximately 64,257. The number of residents age 65 and over was 10,795 or 16%. It is generally accepted that older persons are a higher risk group in respect to medical and emergency calls for assistance.

The Emergency Contact Form is easy to complete and takes a few minutes, you can download the form here.   Hard copies will be available at the Sheriff’s Office Lobby located at 4 Court Street in Geneseo, as well as at Senior Nutrition Centers throughout the county.

For any questions about the Emergency Contact Form or any other community programs provided by the Sheriff’s Office, please contact Community Policing Officer - Deputy Mike Didas at 243-7100.