Earth Day Award

The Livingston County Environmental Management Council (EMC) Earth Day Award recognizes individuals, businesses, agencies, or organizations for outstanding achievements in preserving or improving the Livingston County environment or educating others about Livingston County’s environment. The achievements may have occurred during the previous year or may involve ongoing efforts spanning a number of years.

Earth Day Award Nomination Process

The EMC issues a request for nominations in January/February each year for the Earth Day Award.

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Earth Day Award Recipient, 2017

Randy French and Alex Pierce
The Livingston County Environmental Management Council selected Randy French as the 2017 EMC Earth Day Award recipient. The EMC recognized Mr. French for over 35 years of dedicated service to the science and environmental education of both youths and adults. As a Geneseo Central School Science Teacher, Mr. French provides a rigorous curriculum that brings real world experiences to the classroom, encourages students to connect with their social and natural communities, and inspires hardworking and environmentally engaged students..
The Environmental Management Council was impressed with Mr. French's role as teacher, advisor and mentor, and the community partnerships that he has developed to provide his students with field and research experiences. The EMC highlighted the state and national distinction he achieved through the New York State Master Teacher Program and the National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program, recognizing his exemplary work as an educator.

Previous Earth Day Award Recipients

  • Jean Meekin of the Conesus Lake Association (1999)
  • Ralph Van Houten, former Director of Environmental Health, Livingston County Department of Health (2000)
  • Jack Baldwin of the Conesus Lake Association (2001)
  • Don Root, Hemlock Lake Conservationist and Watershed Inspector (2001)
  • Dalton Elementary School Earth Club and Holly Adams, founder of the Dalton Elementary School Earth Club (2002)
  • Sheriff John M. York, Major James H Rose, Corporal Jamie Kelley, and Deputy Michael Malone, of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (2003)
  • Douglas Bassett of Letchworth State Park (2004)
  • Chuck Winship, Sugarbush Hollow, LLC (2005)
  • Richard C Palermo, Sr. of Livonia (2006)
  • Don Wetzel, Conesus Lake Watershed Manager (2007)
  • Barry Ganzhorn, Sr. of Caledonia (2008)
  • Genesee Valley Conservancy (2009)
  • Friends of the Genesee Valley Greenway (2010)
  • Conesus - Livonia Environmental Action Network (CL.E.A.N.) Recycling Center (2011)
  • Ron Walker of Friends With Feathers (2012)
  • SUNY Geneseo (2013)
  • Davies Nagel of Piffard (2014)
  • Harold Shay (2015)
  • SUNY Geneseo FORCES (2016)