Earth Day Award

The Livingston County Environmental Management Council (EMC) Earth Day Award recognizes individuals, businesses, agencies, or organizations for outstanding achievements in preserving or improving the Livingston County environment or educating others about Livingston County's environment.  The achievements may have occurred during the previous year or may involve ongoing efforts spanning a number of years.

Earth Day Award Nomination Process

The EMC issues a request for nomination in January/February each year for the Earth Day Award.

For a copy of this year's Earth Day Award Nomination Form, click here.

To see a copy of the Earth Day Award press release, click here.

Earth Day Award Recipient, 2021

Earth Day Award photo
Member of the Conesus Lake Association Water Quality Committee (left to right): Scott Proctor, CLA President; Peg Proctor; Gene Bolster, WQC Chairman; and Ray Case.  Absent from this photo:  Charles Braun

The Livingston County Environmental Management Council (EMC) selected the Conesus Lake Association Water Quality Committee (WQC) as the 2021 EMC Earth Day Award recipient.  The EMC recognized both the Committee's 35 dedicated, highly active members and their long-term Chairman, Gene Bolster.

The WQC is known for their numerous successful programs, including educational outreach, invasive species prevention, and scientific and analytic activities.  Livingston County benefits directly from many WQC high impact activities, from the mobilization of the community in the Conesus Stewardship Initiative, to the protection of our lake through the Watercraft Steward Program, to the public education and outreach at the Town of Livonia Watershed Education Center.

The EMC recognized the village, town, county, state, and educational/intercollegiate collaboration of the WQC and noted that members often serve on multiple committees within the Conesus Lake Association.  Livingston County and the EMC look forward to many more years of collaboration to come.