County Bicentennial

Livingston County celebrates 200 years in 2021! Check back here for county-wide events as we lead up to this milestone in our community's history. Events TBA.

Events and information will also be available on the Livingston County social media via Facebook and Twitter - follow us!

Livingston County Bicentennial Seal

Livingston County Bicentennial Moments

To help count down to 2021, the County Historian's Bicentennial Moments aim to share interesting stories about people, places, and events that are a significant part of our shared history. Here are the latest installments:

#1: John Trumbull (1756-1843) - Patriot and Artist of the American Revolution

John Trumbull was one of the most famous individuals of his era. His portraits of presidents such as George Washington and paintings of historical events that include the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, are among the iconic images in American history.

Trumbull was closely associated with the Wadsworths and others who invested heavily in lands in the early 1800s in what is now Livingston County. He took title to the Mount Morris Tract of over 1200 acres and arranged to have hundred of fruit trees planted along the Genesee flats. Although Trumbull never took up residence here, his keen interest in the success of his orchards and being a part of the growth and development of the Genesee Valley region was evident in his vast correspondence.

Trumball painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence. By John Trumbull, 1818.

John Trumbull self portrait, 1802