Department Head Presentation

Updated (Unofficial) General 2019 Results

Early Voting Numbers
Day 1: 96 Voters
Day 2: 93 Voters
Day 3: 130 Voters
Day 4: 92 Voters
Day 5: 137 Voters
Day 6: 80 Voters
Day 7: 92 Voters
Day 8: 101 Voters
Day 9: 109 Voters
Total: 930

 2019 Elections

General Election: November 5, 2019 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM


About the Board of Elections

The aim of the Livingston County Board of Elections is to serve the people of the county by ensuring that the elections and related activities are handled in an honest and open fashion according to the New York State Election Law, and that all people are given an opportunity to express their opinions through the electoral system.

The Board maintains the current voter registration file necessary to allow for participation in federal, state, county, and local elections. The Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners also assist in educating the citizens on the importance of exercising their civic duties through our democratic election process. The Board of Elections is made up of equal representation from the two major political parties, as required by the Election Law.