COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

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Clinics are only open for those who are:

Age 18 or older 


Mobile Clinics (located throughout the County)

Drive-Through Clinics (located at Building 2, County Campus)

Walk-through clinics (located at Building 1, County Campus)

If attending the walk-through clinic, go to the conference center at 1 Murray Hill Drive- follow the signs!  A wheelchair-accessible entrance is available.

Drive-through clinics are being offered at 2 Murray Hill Drive.  Please use the Grove Street entrance.

If you are visiting the drive-through clinic, it is best if you:

  • Arrive with only 2 people in one vehicle. 
  • Seat passenger in the back seat behind the driver. The vaccine will be administered through the open driver's side window. 
  • Wear clothing that makes it possible to easily inject vaccine into the left shoulder muscle. Please have your coat or jacket off. 

   Please stay in your vehicle at all times during the drive-through event. 

Masks are required for the duration of the visit. Arrive on time. Be prepared to wait 15-30 minutes after the vaccination for observation.

The  registration system  sometimes has outages due to demand. If you're not able to register try again later. If you do not receive a confirmation screen and an email your registration did not go through.  If a clinic is cancelled for any reason, those who have an appointment will get an email.  Please continue to check this website, and watch our social media pages for updates. Thanks for your understanding.

We continue to work to get individuals through our clinic as quickly as possible.  There may be times individuals may need to stand outside prior to their appointment.   Please dress for the weather.

Pre-registration is preferred but not required!