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Drawing of Find R. Fox character with GPS unit, plaid cloak and hat

Meet Find R. Fox!

Find R. Fox will be your guide to super-sleuthing the hides at over 30 amazing historical locations all around beautiful 200-year-old Livingston County.

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GC Code
Liv CoGC9CNXCLivCo200: Visit the ALP
Liv CoGC9BY8DLivCo200: Tuskegee Airman
AvonGC9CNY3LivCo200: Five Arch Bridge
AvonGC9BY40LivCo200: Rare Temperance Fountain
CaledoniaGC9CQ4YLivCo200: Father of Fish Culture
ConesusGC9B9CWLivCo200: Log Cabin and Turtlestones at Park 
ConesusGC9CPG9LivCo200: Saint Michael's Mission
GeneseoGC9CKGQLivCo200: Cobblestone School
GeneseoGC9CKG0LivCo200: Whiskey 7
GrovelandGC9AWQELivCo200: Tory-Seneca Ambuscade
GrovelandGC9BWWRLivCo200: 1st WNY European Settlement
LeicesterGC9AX3JLivCo200: Torture Tree
LeicesterGC9C9V3LivCo200: Gibsonville CCC Camp and Waterfalls
LimaGC9BZDELivCo200: Genesee Wesleyan Seminary
LimaGC9CT0DLivCo200: Tennie Burton Museum
LivoniaGC9BVGFLivCo200: Hemlock High Hijinx
LivoniaGC9B9E0LivCo200: Sullivan Marches into Livingston
Mt. MorrisGCA0MD6LivCo200: Author of Pledge of Allegiance
Mt. MorrisGC9CKF7LivCo200: Mills Mansion
North DansvilleGC9CMCCLivCo200: 1st American Red Cross
North DansvilleGC9CME3LivCo200: Dansville Area Historical Society
NundaGC9B41DLivCo200: DePuy Mansion
NundaGC9B41TLivCo200: Nunda Museum and Rose Shave Gallery
OssianGC9BVGYLivCo200: Ossian Town Hall and Grange
OssianGC9BFBYLivCo200: Westview Cemetery
PortageGC9B404LivCo200: 1st NY Dragoons
PortageGC9B40XLivCo200: Deep Cut for Oakland Locks
SpartaGC9BJ1YLivCo200: Shay's Rebellion
SpartaGC9BFCHLivCo200: Heavenly Hilltop Haven
SpringwaterGC9CNYYLivCo200: Punky Hollow Schoolhouse Letterbox
SpringwaterGC9CPD1LivCo200: Springwater-Webster Crossing Historical
West SpartaGC9BWXRLivCo200: West Sparta Fire Department
West SpartaGC9CFTMLivCo200: Picnic at West Sparta Town Hall
YorkGC9C8GVLivCo200: Abbey of the Genesee
YorkGC9CPDZLivCo200: 1st Successful NY Commercial Winery

Drawing of Find R. Fox character with GPS unit, plaid cloak and hat

Thank you to Sonni Olbert of Trail Otter who designed and illustrated Find R. Fox. The character was inspired by the local importance of the fox in Genesee River Valley history.

Many thanks to the local geocaching team who designed and placed the caches for the Livingston County Bicentennial Geocaching Trail: Marty De Marte (Allyn Birch), Michele Morrisey De Marte (Candy Apple 68), Scott Benz (Elba Patch), John Fudalik (HFJohn), Lyn Roberts (Lucky46), Chuck and Linda Malone (malonefamily).

Updated June 25, 2021