Electronic Monitoring


  1. Compliance with expectations: While participating in the electronic monitoring program, cooperate with and remain respectful to all Probation staff. If you willfully fail to return home within the authorized time frames, leave your residence at unscheduled times, or test positive for the use of alcohol (if applicable), such will be deemed a violation of your sentence and you may be subject to further Court action.
  2. Monitoring: The length of your EM sentence is determined by the Court. The equipment you are monitored by will be chosen by the Probation Department and/or the Court. Your Electronic Monitoring equipment may include global positioning technology, curfew restrictions and/or the installation of an alcohol testing device.
  3. Phone Requirements: All participants must have a working telephone number (either landline and/or cell phone) while on EM. The phone needs to have the capability of receiving and sending incoming and outgoing phone calls. Also, it cannot restrict anonymous calls. This phone number needs to be provided to the Probation Department upon entrance into the EM program; if this number changes, becomes disconnected, or loses the ability to make and/or receive calls, the Probation Department needs to be notified immediately. The participant must be reachable at all times via this phone number and must answer the phone, even from unknown and/or restricted phone numbers. In addition, all participants must provide an alternate contact person in the event you cannot be reached.
  4. Curfew restrictions: If your EM includes curfew restrictions, you must provide weekly Electronic Monitoring schedules to your assigned Probation Officer. If you need a schedule change, please give your Officer as much advanced notice as possible. During office hours, call your assigned Probation Officer to request the change. If your Probation Officer is not available, ask to speak to the on-call Probation Officer. Never leave schedules changes on voicemail. If you find yourself in an emergency situation or need an employment-related schedule change after ours, follow the after-hours protocol listed in this brochure.
  5. Costs: You will be responsible for all fees associated with Electronic Monitoring. Costs average $4-$8 per day. There are no costs for juveniles. Probation accepts the following payment methods: 
    1. Cash, money order, cashier’s check or credit card.  Credit card payments are made via allpaid.com and can be tendered at the Probation Department or paid online.
    2. Make an online payment at allpaid.com.  The Livingston County Probation Department's Pay Location Code (PLC) is 9473.  Be sure to choose Electronic Monitoring for the “Type of Payment” obligation.

The Livingston County Probation Department has an on-call Probation Officer available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Officers will reach out via phone call and/or text should equipment problems or non-compliance issues occur. You must answer all calls and/or immediately respond to all text messages from this Department.

Any after-hours emergency issues must be reported to the on-call Probation Officer by calling the Livingston County Probation Department Voicemail (585)-243-7190 to obtain the on-call Officer’s telephone number. Text messages and phone calls are accepted. The on-call Probation Officer is to be contacted in emergency situations only—this includes schedule change requests for employment purposes.

Failure to comply with Electronic Monitoring expectation may result in a loss of privileges or termination from the program, including notification via a Uniform Court Report or a violation of probation.

For a printable version of expectations, please see the Electronic Monitoring Pamphlet