Bariatric Care

The Bariatric Unit is a 12-bed unit within the Park Avenue neighborhood at the Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The Bariatric Unit contains a group of dedicated staff working together with people of size who are committed to weight loss and the development of healthy eating patterns. 

A comfortable setting is provided with specialized equipment designed for the obese population. The spacious rooms contain special sized beds, room chairs, and doorways to optimize the comfort of this population. Specialized ceiling lifts provide easy and safe transfers when necessary. Private and double rooms are available.

The goal of the bariatric unit is to assist individuals who are committed to weight loss through a variety of interventions to improve quality of life, maximize independence, and/or return to a life in the community.

Services Provided by the Care Plan Team

The Care Plan Team offers the following services:

Bariatric Surgery Option

Surgery options will be available through participating hospitals in the Rochester area for those who wish to undergo this process and have obtained medical clearance from their physician. Discharge planning will be provided for those ready to return to the community, as well as recommendations for healthy meals to maintain weight loss in the community.

Exercise Program

For those approved by a physician, individual, and/or group, exercise programs will be provided to promote a healthy lifestyle. Physical and occupational therapists will provide recommended exercises geared towards the bariatric population, and oversee their implementation.

Nursing Services

A registered nurse will be the manager of your health care and will monitor for any changes in condition. An in-house physician will provide services and oversee your specific health concerns.

Nutritional Counseling

A registered dietitian is available to provide individual and/or group counseling on healthy eating. For those that are committed to weight loss, a structured meal plan will be created to promote a healthier weight. Meetings between you and the dietitian will occur on a regular basis to review current weight and menu, and to discuss options for healthier meal choices.

Psychological Services

Depression and emotional issues often accompany individuals who are dealing with weight issues. Psychological services will be available to address the depression and emotional issues that often accompany obesity. 

Social Work Services

A trained social worker will be available to oversee the functioning of the team, arrange for services, and provide support to the resident as needed.