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"I graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in sociomedical sciences. I found the MRC during COVID because I wanted to use my EMT license to help my community in any way that I could. EMTs were allowed to administer COVID vaccinations, so I was trained to vaccinate and participated in many clinics, working with many populations. It was a unique experience, as a pre-health student there is not many opportunities to get involved in healthcare besides EMS. It also helped me learn more about how the Department of Health works. 
I eventually did an internship working in community health, where I was there full time for a few weeks, helping with day to day tasks as well as my own projects. It was a great and unique experience as a pre-PA student which helped to make my applications unique, and make me more well-rounded as a provider in the future." -Olivia Khangi, 2023 

For more information on the Medical Reserve Corps or being a volunteer, visit our Volunteering page.