Speakers Bureau

Are you interested in learning more about how your County government works?  Maybe you’re hoping to learn more about a certain initiative or program.

No matter what subject you’re interested in learning more about, Livingston County has you covered with its Speakers Bureau.

With over 30 departments ranging from planning to public information, highway to health, social services to our County’s history, Livingston County can connect you with a subject matter expert who can help guide you through any questions that your organization or group may have.

Request a speaker by filling out the Speakers Bureau Request Form below:

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Presentation Topics

Presentation topics are subject to change and can be modified toward your group’s interests. There is no cost to book a speaker, however, we ask that you please give at least three weeks’ notice.

County Administration

Curious about what managing Livingston County looks like? If so, our County Administrator is your source for information related to budget formulation, projects, planning, legislative affairs, taxes and more. Learn more about what sets Livingston County apart!

Records Management

Staying on top of your record keeping and management is a critical organization skill and in the case of public service - a FOIL requirement. Learn more about records and archive management programs and their importance.

Preparing for an Emergency

Learn how to best prepare for an emergency by understanding the hazards that can impact Livingston County. Do you have a disaster kit prepared? Learn more about what you should include should the unthinkable occur as well as how to communicate with others and how to stay connected to relevant information. 

Workforce Development

Developing a skilled workforce is a vital element to any successful business regardless of size. Livingston County has developed several innovative programs including a summer youth program and a guide to help in navigating the job application process, interviewing techniques and everyday life skills such as opening a bank account.  Are you looking to implement similar strategies or just learn more about what the County has to offer? If so, this is your ticket.

Livingston County History

The Livingston County Historian's Office offers a variety of presentation topics including a general history of the County, family history related research, the Livingston County Poorhouse and more!

Department of Health

Hear from County health experts on areas such as emerging issues in public health, communicable disease, public health accreditation, home health services and more.

Human Resources

Navigating complex topics like benefits, recruitment and retention, collective bargaining or other labor-related initiatives can be difficult.  Learn more about how Livingston County partners with its employees to create an award-winning place to work.

Livingston County Public Defender's Office

The Public Defender’s Office provides representation in criminal court handling felonies, misdemeanors and family or surrogate court. The Public Defender has the authority to appoint Assistant Public Defenders, paralegal assistants, secretarial, and clerical assistants. Learn more about criminal law and criminal defense from the County's public defender's office.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

Learn more about the impactful programming and resources available throughout Livingston County to spread awareness and prevent suicide within our communities. 

Public Information

Interacting with the public is key for any community-based organization, government or official. Whether you're looking for the latest trends in social media or curious about crafting press releases, Livingston County has you covered. 


Being able to leverage public funding through grants is often the difference between being able to see a project come to fruition or not. Learn more about grant writing and the various resources available to municipalities and businesses.

Resources for Seniors

Livingston County offers a variety of resources and programming for older adults. Learn more about these opportunities and about other services provided by the Office of the Aging.

Speakers Bureau Request Form

  1. Livingston County will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, we cannot guarantee a speaker's availability

  2. Livingston County will make every effort to accommodate your request, however, we cannot guarantee a speaker's availability

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