Threat Assessment Committee

Livingston County Threat Assessment Committee  - LIVTAC


LIVTAC acts solely as an advisory group to assist in developing balanced interventions and case management strategies for Presenting Agencies. LIVTAC does not mandate Presenting Agencies implement or act on suggested interventions and case management strategies. It serves as a resource using a multidisciplinary restorative approach to prevent acts of targeted violence that balances the safety needs of the public with the health and wellness needs of the person at risk. It is important to note that the focus of LIVTAC is to assist the Presenting Agency in understanding the situation and how best to mitigate safety concerns, coordinate systems response and share expertise from various disciplines. All members of LIVTAC will follow their agency’s rules and regulations set forth by their agencies. LIVTAC will safeguard the integrity of all confidential information lawfully shared as part of assessing a Threat Case. Meeting minutes will not be kept and notes will not be taken other than those of the Presenting Agency.

 1. All information discussed is considered confidential.

 2. All offered suggestions, resources or information can be utilized by the Presenting Agency in its discretion and shall not be deemed as a mandated strategy by LIVTAC.

 3. Those Committee members in attendance should strive to be trained and familiar with the threat assessment process as it pertains to LIVTAC’s mission.

 Reporting suspicious activity/threats can be accomplished by any of the following means:

          1.  Calling or texting 911 for imminent threats

          2.  Notifying LIVTAC directly at (585) 243-7100 or by emailing,

          3. Calling in a tip using the Livingston County Sheriff’s tip line 1-844-LCSO TIP or filling out a tip form .