County Attorney's Office

State law requires the Board of Supervisors to appoint a resident lawyer as the county attorney, for the term of office for which the members of the Board of Supervisors serve. The county attorney directs the Department of Law, including appointing staff and assistant county attorneys as necessary.


The county attorney is required by law to be the legal advisor to the Board of Supervisors and every county officer who is paid in whole or in part from county funds. She may be required to attend all meetings of the Board of Supervisors, as well as some committee meetings, and to advise the supervisors and committees on various legal problems as requested.

Duties & Responsibilities

The county attorney is responsible for:
  • Preparing resolutions, local laws of a technical nature and gives advice concerning the legality of legislation of a nontechnical nature
  • The prosecution and defense of civil actions and proceedings brought by or against the county, the Board of Supervisors, or any county officer
  • Preparing contracts and various legal documents for the Legislature
  • Representing the county in proceedings related to children born out-of-wedlock
  • Various other tasks