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The Livingston County Bicentennial Year is Here!

Livingston County Bicentennial Seal

In 2021 Livingston County is celebrating 200 years! Check out our schedule of events and follow Livingston County social media for updates.

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Doing Research?

We are excited to help! Here are some ways you can start: 

  1. Search our online Records Index for a name.
  2. Send us your specific questions or call us!
  3. Plan a visit - we have an extensive research center.
  4. Browse other recommended digital resources and repositories to track down information.


COVID-19 Documentation Project

The County Historian is requesting assistance from the public to help document the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Submit your experiences and/or images directly here:

What's New?

Poorhouse Cemeteries

June 2021Grave number 14 in County Poorhouse Cemetery

Just released: over 320 names of those known to be buried in the Old and New County Poorhouse Cemeteries.

Gail McGuire: Rallyist

April 2021

Gail McGuire of Avon, New York talks about her 50-year career as a rally car driver and co-driver in North America. 

New Church Records

October 2020

Brooks Grove Sabbath School record book pageIn addition to our new Primary Sources page, where you can find a few digitized church records and much more, check out our new church records page!

Local History Out Loud - Part 2

September 2020

This video explores Livingston County's response to preserve the Union, massive changes in the post-Civil War era, the rise of industrialization, social reform, and the woman's rights movement in the mid- to late 19th century.

Groveland Town Clerk’s Book, 1797-1833

May 2020

Who were Hercules Williams, Valentine Stufflebeam, and Enoch Squibb? Groveland Town Clerk's Book, 1797-1833

The personalities of these and other early residents of Groveland can only be imagined, but we can learn just how many roles each person played to keep early Groveland functioning. Search our Online Records Index for your Groveland ancestors. 

Women’s History Trail

March 2020

Explore some of the contributions women have made to Livingston County with this new OnCell tour, and check back for periodic additions!

Womens History Trail image

Photographs from the Archives