County Treasurer

Open and operational to the Public.  We continue to encourage any payments made to the County for unpaid taxes to be mailed or use credit/debit cards payments online. We will also continue to allow Certificates of residency for community colleges to be mailed to us for certification and we will mail them back to you. Please include a copy of your current driver’s license for verification and make sure the application is notarized. Please call with questions  585-243-7050


The County Treasurer has custody of all money belonging to the county or in which the County has an interest, and also serves as Treasurer for the County Social Services Department, and as trustee for court and trust funds.

The County Treasurer also has various Statutory duties which include: delinquent tax collection, granting certificates of residence, distributing unpaid school and village tax monies, accounting for all county funds and records, reporting department balances, and many other activities required by the government.


The mission of the Livingston County Treasurer's office is to provide professional services in a courteous, friendly manner. The staff of the Treasurer's Office will make every effort to answer your questions about delinquent taxes or county finances in an accurate, helpful, and efficient manner.