District Attorney


 The Livingston County District Attorney’s Office remains open and is operating within the confines of the restrictions imposed by Federal, State and County officials.  Our physical location at the Livingston County Courthouse is open to visitors at this time, however appointments are encouraged. If you need to contact the District Attorney’s Office regarding a non-emergency matter, it is recommended that you e-mail the District Attorney's office at lcda@co.livingston.ny.us. If you are the victim of a crime, please continue to reach out to the prosecutor who is currently handling your case at (585) 243-7020.

Traffic Infractions 

 If you wish to be considered for a reduction of your traffic ticket please visit the following link: 


If you wish to enroll in the Livingston County District Attorney’s Traffic Diversion Program, please visit the following link: 


Questions on traffic matters can also be directed to the Livingston County District Attorney.

Office of the District Attorney

The District Attorney prosecutes all offenses recognized by the courts of the county. He must also:  

Advise and assist police in any case in which they seek his help 
Prepare information requested by the police 
Appear in court for preliminary hearings 
Present cases to the grand jury 
Try cases when a trial is demanded 
Handle appeals from criminal proceedings in any court 
Advise town and village justices 

The District Attorney has the authority to appoint assistant district attorneys, paralegal assistants, and secretarial and clerical assistants. 

The Office of the Livingston County District Attorney does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability and age in the delivery of services to victims of crime.