Emergency Medical Services

The mission of the Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is to promote and provide excellence in the delivery of emergency medical services to Livingston County, while maintaining an EMS system that integrates all levels of EMS resources to deliver quality patient care. 

EMS is the pre-hospital treatment and transportation of the sick and injured. In Livingston County, EMS is provided by integrating nine transporting ambulance services, seven fire department first response agencies, four Advanced Life Support services, SUNY Geneseo First Response Agency, and three air medical agencies. 


The Department of EMS sponsors many levels of EMS education and training through an agreement with the New York State Department of Health, is a Training Center for the American Heart Association, and hosts Continuing Medical Education training throughout the year. 

EMS Course Application 2020

EMT Course Announcement Fall 2020


The Department of EMS coordinates efforts to enhance and improve the recruitment of EMS volunteers in concert with the individual EMS agency recruitment programs. The Department of EMS works closely with the Livingston County 911 Center, the Livingston County Office of Emergency Management and the Livingston County Department of Health to effectively and efficiently provide an integrated EMS system encompassing law enforcement, dispatch, and fire services. 

The Department of EMS plays an integral role in the ongoing development and improvement of the education and delivery of EMS services as part of the Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council.

Livingston County has an Advanced and Basic Life Support Service. The county continuously recruits for part time Emergency Medical Technician Basic and Paramedic positions. Additional information can be found on the Livingston County Personnel Department website.
ALS BLS Recruitment Flyer 2020