Agricultural Districts Program

Livingston County is divided into three agricultural districts, including over 225,000 acres of farmland. Approximately 52% of Livingston County is included in the Agricultural Districts Program.


  • Agricultural District #1 includes property in the Towns of Caledonia, Leicester, and York.
  • Agricultural District #2 includes property in the Towns of Avon, Conesus, Geneseo, Groveland, Lima, and Livonia.
  • Agricultural District #3 includes property in the Towns of Mount Morris, North Dansville, Nunda, Ossian, Portage, Sparta, West Sparta and Springwater. (Please note that Agricultural District #4 was combined into Agricultural District #3 in August 2013.)


Is my property in an Agricultural District?

If you would like to know whether a particular parcel is included in the Livingston County Agricultural Districts Program, please call the Planning Department at 585-243-7550, or contact your local assessor.  You can also view a listing of the parcels in the district and maps of Agricultural District parcels in your town.

Benefits and Potential Restrictions

The purpose of the Agricultural District Program is to keep farmland in agricultural production by providing agricultural landowners with a number of benefits and protections, as described in the Agricultural Districts brochure.

Potential restrictions and the difference between the Agricultural District Program and the Agricultural Value Assessment.

Please be advised that if land is put into the Agricultural District program, there are often restrictions on access by new, non-farm uses to public water and sewer services.  If a farmer were to put land into the program and then wanted to sell off building lots within the eight-year program period, those building lots may not be able to connect to to any public water and/or sewer services. 

Please also be advised that Livingston County has adopted a policy that prohibits the combination of tax parcels that are in the Agricultural District program with tax parcels that are not in the program.