Probation Department

Effective June 8, 2020, The Livingston County Probation Department is open by appointment only. Please call (585) 243-7190 to schedule an appointment. 

Probation Mission Statement

The Livingston County Probation Department provides community-based correctional services to both adults and juveniles residing in Livingston County. Our mission is to protect the community, enforce court-ordered sanctions, support the rights of victims, and assist offenders to change.


  • Collect restitution, fines, and fees as directed by the courts
  • Conduct investigations for family and criminal courts
  • Offer intake and adjustment services for family court
  • Supervise adults and juveniles according to their needs and risks
  • Monitor Ignition Interlock Devices as ordered under Leandra's Law


  • Lynne C. Mignemi, Probation Director (email)
  • Liz Laney, Probation Supervisor (email)
  • Jason Varno, Probation Supervisor (email)
  • Deb Williams, Sr. Probation Officer (email)
  • Michelle Jordan, Sr. Probation Officer (email)
  • Courtney Sobrado, Probation Officer (email)
  • Katie Dunn, Probation Officer (email)
  • Kerrin Chapman, Probatioin Officer (email)
  • Rachel Merrick, Probation Officer (email)
  • Josh Wren, Probation Officer (email)
  • Holly Laurie, Probation Officer (email)
  • Christopher Kendall, Probation Officer Trainee (email)

Other Phone Numbers

  • Local Parole (585) 232-5464
  • Livingston County Family Court (585) 371-3919
  • Jail (585) 243-7180