Real Property Tax Services

The Livingston County Real Property Tax Services Agency was established in 1971. This Agency was a result of State Legislation that mandated advisory and technical assistance to the local assessors and taxing jurisdictions. The goal of this legislation was to improve assessment administration to ensure that real property taxation would be as fair and equitable as possible.

Some main functions of this Department are:

  • Advise Assessors on procedures for the preparation and maintenance of assessment rolls and assist in any training.
  • Recommending advisory equalization rates for county tax purposes.
  • Prepare assessment rolls, tax rolls and tax bills for the various taxing jurisdictions in the County.
  • Coordinate county-wide revaluation projects.
  • Prepare tax maps and maintain them in current condition.
  • Provide necessary data to apportion the county tax levy and make the necessary calculations in developing the county, town and special district tax rates.
  • Assist the public with assessment related questions and provide necessary forms for property tax exemptions.
  • Serve on County Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board

Each of the 17 towns in Livingston County employs their own assessor. Currently 8 assessors are serving the towns across the county. The assessments established by these assessors are the basis for the distribution of the tax levies needed to fund the county, the towns, special districts, school districts and villages located in the county.

Real Property Tax Services Director

The Real Property Tax Services Director is responsible for coordinating all activities. New York State law requires that the director meet minimum qualifications set by the State Board of Equalization and Assessment and complete the training courses prescribed.