Homicide & Narcotics


The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing the best possible service available. Investigators are specially trained to deal with the complexities of felony criminal cases such as homicides, kidnapping, drug offenses, robberies and burglaries, and sexual assaults.


Investigators are charged with the initial investigation of crime scenes to include witness statements, evidence collection, and determining preliminary cause of death. Because investigations branch in many directions and utilize many agencies, investigators interact with investigators from other counties, state police, local police agencies, the district attorney, and the medical examiner. In homicide cases, the investigation does not end until the crime is solved.


Narcotics in the community is one of the priorities of this agency. Because narcotic use leads to so many other crimes (larcenies, burglaries, robberies, etc.), there is one investigator specifically assigned to gather information and work narcotic investigations.


If you have drug information please call our tip hotline; it is a confidential call.