Livingston County Highway Department Mission Statement

We are aware that our County Road system is vital to safe travel, agribusiness, local economy, emergency response, schools, delivery of services, and quality of life.

While remaining cognizant that our operations are funded by local, state and federal tax dollars, we will strive to keep all components of our 72 Bridge and 242-mile County Road system in a safe condition by means of cost-effective, efficient and legal maintenance/repair/reconstruction activities.

We will work together and cooperate with other agencies and highway departments at the village, town, county, state and federal levels, and will provide assistance to our other Livingston County departments.

We will do our best to respect the interests of the property-owners along our County Road system.

We will respond to natural or manmade emergencies on our road system as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

We will do everything possible to ensure our employees remain safe on the job.