Financial Assistance Programs

Temporary Assistance

Temporary Assistance is an income based program that covers families and single adults with ongoing and/or emergency assistance. The grant amounts cover housing, utilities and personal needs. Temporary Assistance clients also receive food stamp benefits and Medicaid coverage. Application for Temporary Assistance can be made at our office.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP (previously called Food Stamps) is an income based program and is intended to supplement the food budget of eligible households. SNAP benefits are provided through an Electronic Benefit (EBT) Card. This card is used as a debit card at participating grocery stores. An EBT account is set up for eligible applicants and every month benefits are deposited to the account. Application for SNAP can be made online at If you are unable to apply online, applications can be made in person at our office, or you may request an application be mailed to you by calling (585) 243-7300 and asking for a SNAP application. More information about SNAP and the SNAP USDA Nondiscrimination Statement can be found online at Information on the OTDA website is accessible in may languages by clicking on translate.  Puede encontrar más información sobre SNAP y la Declaración de No Discriminación del USDA de SNAP en línea en Se puede acceder a la información en el sitio web de OTDA en muchos idiomas haciendo clic en traducir.


Medicaid is the umbrella that supplies the financial source for many variations in medical assistance. Community Medicaid is provided mainly through Managed Care plans. Application for Medicaid can be made online at or at our office. The state attempts to alleviate barriers to health insurance by eliminating the face to face interview requirements.

Day Care

Day Care provides for reimbursement of Day Care expenses to Day Care Centers, Registered Providers, and approved Legally-Exempt Day Care Providers on behalf of those determined eligible for this subsidy. Temporary Assistance recipients receive full day care reimbursement while working, attending approved training, or otherwise participating in mandatory employment requirements. Other working families within specific income thresholds may qualify for the program, with some contributing a small family share toward their day care expense.  Applications can be obtained at  Completed applications can be mailed to our office or faxed to (585) 243-7344.  More information on Child Care can be obtained at