Board Members


Town of Avon: Clara Mulligan

Village of Avon: Robert Hayes

Town of Caledonia: Keith Stein

Village of Caledonia: Sarah Santora

Town of Conesus:  Donald Wester

Town of Geneseo: Jared Radesi

Village of Geneseo: Aprile Mack

Town of Groveland: 

Town of Leicester: Don Kane

Village of Leicester: Karen Roffe

Town of Lima: Dennis Neenan

Village of Lima: Theresa Gleason

Town of Livonia: Dawn Andersen

Village of Livonia: Joanne Palmer

Town of Mt. Morris: Cathie Gehrig

Village of Mt. Morris: Kevin Fahey

Town of N. Dansville: 

Village of Dansville: Tim Brinduse

Town of Nunda: Alex Pierce (Chairperson)

Village of Nunda: Donald Wilcox

 Town of Ossian: John Van Heusen (Vice Chairperson)

 Town of Portage:

Town of Sparta: Jacob Calabrese

Town of Springwater: 

Town of W. Sparta: 

Town of York: 

Alternate #1: John Yunker

Alternate #2:

Alternate #3:

Alternate #4: