Highway Permits

Various permits may be required to modify, use or occupy County Highway Right-of-Way. One or more permits may be required depending on the activities undertaken. Please call the Highway Department at 585-243-6700 for more information. Completed Permit Application can be mailed, faxed or submitted via e-mail.

Highway Work Permit
Section 136 of the Highway Law requires a permit for all work done within the County Right-of-Way. This includes, but is not limited to, such activities as: fencing, landscaping (including planting or removal of trees, brush, shrubs, etc), utility work, ditching/drainage and grading.

Driveway Permit
Department Approval is required to create or modify access to a County Road. This includes installation of a driveway- whether pipe is required or not- paving, and grading. Driveway permit approval will be granted after reviews of sight distance and drainage requirements are conducted by the Superintendent.

Special Hauling/Divisible Load Permit

Over-Weight or Over-Sized loads require written permission to use County Roads. For information, please call the office at 585-243-6700. The following documentation will be required: NYSDOT Special Hauling Permits, all current registrations and Certificate of Insurance. Permission is valid for one year; applicants must initiate approval annually.