Anti-Bullying Task Force

“One of my biggest concerns is the rate at which violence can escalate in the realm of social media, without being detected by parents, teachers, or authorities in a timely manner. The LCSO is committed to staying current with the trends in violence that surface on the Internet. To keep streets safer, we put deputies on the streets. To keep kids safer on the Internet, we will be the authoritative presence there as well.” – Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty

The Anti-Bullying Task Force (ABTF) is a multi-agency task force whose primary goal is to proactively prevent violence in schools, especially in the area of bullying and cyber-bullying.

The ABTF was created in 2014 and consists of the following partners:
  • LCSO Juvenile Aid Investigators
  • Livingston County School Resource Officers
  • School Administrators
  • Parent Teacher Associations
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  2. SOLVED - Identity of Jane Doe

    Monday, January 26, 2015 - Livingston County Sheriff reports a major breakthrough in the 1979 unidentified homicide case commonly referred to as the Caledonia Jane Doe case.
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