Sheriff's Office Tip Line

The Sheriff's Office Tip Line is an effort to elicit information from concerned citizens about illegal activity occurring within the confines of Livingston County. By giving it's citizens an ability to call with confidential information the Sheriff's Office continues the effort to fight crime in Livingston County.

Anyone wanting to report information or provide tips is urged to call (585) 243-7100 and leave as much precise information as possible, or use the form below. If you are willing to identify yourself, the information will remain confidential and not available to anyone except restricted Sheriff's investigators assigned to this hotline.

The hotline will be used to disseminate information to Sheriff's investigators, and to local police agencies in an attempt to make our communities in Livingston County a safer place for all in which to live.

Confidential Tip Line Form

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  2. SOLVED - Identity of Jane Doe

    Monday, January 26, 2015 - Livingston County Sheriff reports a major breakthrough in the 1979 unidentified homicide case commonly referred to as the Caledonia Jane Doe case.
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