SEQR Resources

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Links

  • SEQR Home Page (Access SEQR Forms and the SEQR Workbook from the menu bar on the left side of the page)
  • SEQR Workbook link to the Traffic Generation Table used for answering Question 8 on the Short EAF (as shown in the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Manual)

State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Links

FEMA Floodplain Links

Helpful Hints for Using the EAF Mapper
  • When filling out the EAFs, use the EAF Mapper FIRST. Otherwise, all information entered into the form up to that point will be erased.
  • Turn off Pop-Up Blocker.
  • The EAF Mapper does not know everything.
  • The EAF Mapper does not play well with Internet Explorer 8.
  • EAF Mapper answers are locked.
  • Be careful of duplicate tax map numbers in different towns (zoom out to confirm location).
  • EAF Mapper can calculate acreage, but it will not put that calculated acreage in the form.
  • EAF Mapper cannot accommodate more than one tax parcel at a time.

Livingston County SEQR Training on New Environmental Assessment Forms and EAF Mapper

PowerPoint Presentation