Photo Gallery

A sampling of historical photographs to give a taste of the archival holdings at the County Historian's Office. Click on the album name to see more. Here you may also find our Digital Files Policy.


Dive into the rich history of places of worship around the county.

Craig Colony

View some stunning images from the former Craig Colony, Livingston County's institution for people suffering from epilepsy, located in Groveland, NY.

Historical Markers

These iconic blue-and-yellow signs mark important sites throughout Livingston County and New York State. View a partial tour of markers in Livingston County. For a fuller list and map, check out our OnCell Heritage Trail.

Glimpses of Livingston County history

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Homes and People

Here is a varied collection of unique and interesting homes around Livingston County and some of the people who lived in them.

Zoom in to view towns, hamlets, and even landowners in these images from the 1872 atlas.

Explore each town and hamlet in Livingston County with these high-resolution images of the Century Atlas of 1902.

Become familiar with some of Livingston County's most important landmarks, and enjoy new views of old favorites.


A smattering of postcard images from the Historian's collection.


A gallery of images of the iconic district schools of Livingston County.



We celebrate women with a sampling of just a few of stories and photographs of women in Livingston County over the years.