About the Watershed


The Conesus Lake watershed covers an area of 70 square miles entirely within Livingston County. Seven municipalities are located partially within the watershed: the Towns of Conesus, Geneseo, Groveland, Livonia, Sparta, and Springwater, and the Village of Livonia. The Lake has 18 subwatersheds based on major tributaries.
The watershed is characterized by gentle slopes at the northern outlet and southern inlet areas. Steep hilly slopes characterize the flanks and southern portion of the watershed


High population densities can be found ringing the lake shore, along the Route 20A corridor, and in the Village of Livonia and Hamlet of Conesus.
Conesus Lake is unique in that it was one of the first lakes of its size in New York State to have a sanitary sewer system servicing the periphery of the lake. The Conesus Lake County Sewer District serves the towns of Conesus, Geneseo, Groveland, and Livonia, along with the Village of Livonia.
Further information about the Conesus Lake Watershed can be found in the Conesus Lake Watershed Characterization Report (2002) and the Conesus Lake Watershed Characterization Report Update (2013).