Leicester Town Supervisor


David M. Fanaro


Town of Leicester Website

Phone: 585-202-6794
 Elected: 2016

 Personal - 
Married to wife Renee for 26 years, 3 children. Life-long Livingston County resident.

Education - Mt. Morris Central Graduate. Multiple Pavement and Concrete schools. Eq. Operators Schools. USAF 1987-1994 E6

Employment - Owner of Lakeview Construction, LLC since 2004. Town of Leicester Supervisor.

Interests - Working to grow my business. I enjoy hunting, fishing and spending time with my family.

Achievements - Served as a member of the USAF. Discharged as E6. Served as a Civil Engineer and traveled to many bases worldwide. I am honored to be elected as the Town of Leicester Supervisor and as equally honored to serve on the Liv. Co. Board of Supervisors. I hope that my Civil Experience will be an asset to the County.