Conflict Defender

The Livingston County Conflict Defender's Office endeavors to provide quality legal representation in defense of the indigent criminally accused and indigent petitioners and respondents in Family Court. This office ensures that their legal rights are upheld without regard to economic or social situations and without regard to the nature of the accusation against them. Livingston County Conflict Defenders have extensive experience in the representation of clients in criminal and family law matters.

Assigned Counsel Program

This Program was developed through collaboration with the Livingston County Board of Supervisors and the Livingston County Bar Association. It reflects an enhanced effort by the County to coordinate and fund the work of private attorneys appointed to represent indigent clients. While the Public Defender's Office and the Conflict Defender's Office usually provide legal services to indigent persons, occasions often arise in which three or more such individuals are accused of involvement in the same crime. Providing presentation to more than one co-defendant can result in a conflict of interest, and to avoid that possibility, either the Conflict Defender's Office or the courts assign private attorneys who receive compensation as regulated/mandated by NYS Law.

The Conflict Defender's Office is responsible for the operation of a systematic process for the assignment of conflict cases, the design and implementation of internal and operational controls, voucher review, complaint resolution and the establishment of liaisons with various courts and the Bar Association.

Interested attorneys are free to apply for membership to the Livingston County Assigned Counsel Program