Requesting Digital Copies

The County Historian's Office offers limited digital copies for patrons! Fill out the form linked below to make your request.

Digital Copies Request Form

Digital Files Policy

The County Historian’s Office strives to make images from our extensive collections available and does from time to time add item to this website for public use. Please keep in mind that this office is primarily a research center with a small staff, so some availability to digital images is restricted.

  • The following series are available via request and can be emailed at no charge, with a maximum of 10 images:
    • Archival Files Series
    • Family Folders
    • Files on Homes
    • Naturalizations
    • Photograph Series
    • Postcard Series
    • Veterans’ Files
    • Wills
School building in black and white
  • If an historical document or photograph has not been digitized and is deemed available for digitization, the cost of a digital file is $1 per image. Burning items to a disc costs $1 for the CD. An additional $3 is charged to mail. Payment, in form of check or money order only, payable to the Livingston County Historian, must be received in advance.
  • If no digital image is readily available, we can provide a black and white photocopy at $.25 per each (if size and condition permits).
  • These costs are subject to change. Costs may be waived for students and Livingston County departments, town historians, and local municipalities.
  • No files will be copied to personal flash drives at this time.
  • Due to limited staff hours we reserve the right to limit the number of digital images provided to an individual to a maximum of 10 per month.
  • We cannot guarantee requests can be fulfilled the same day as ordered, but they will be processed as quickly as possible.
  • The use of personal electronic devices in the research room to capture digital images needs to be approved by office staff (maximum of 10 images).
  • The County Historian's Office reserves the right to refuse a reproduction request if it may violate copyright.
  • Any image that will be published or put online should use the following citation: Livingston County Historian (New York).

  • Permission to obtain more than 10 images, different formats, or any other special request must be submitted in writing for consideration and be approved by the County Historian.

September 2020