Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board


Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month, as needed. Please call the Planning Department for more details.

About the Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board

Article 25-AA, Section 302, of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law calls for the creation of county agricultural and farmland protection boards. The function of the board is to advise the Livingston County Board of Supervisors and work on the establishment, modification, continuation, or termination of Agricultural Districts in Livingston County. In addition, the Board:

  • Renders expert advice relating to the desirability of such action, including the nature of farming and farm resources within any proposed or established district and the relation of farming in the district to the county as a whole
  • May review notice of intent filings and make recommendations as to the effect and reasonableness of proposed actions
  • Assesses and approves county agricultural and farmland protection plans
  • May request the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets Commissioner to review any state agency rules or regulations, which the board identifies as affecting the agricultural activities within a district

Membership & Support

AFPB Members include county residents with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise in agriculture, including:

  • Active farmers
  • Representatives from:
    • Agribusiness
    • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Livingston County
    • Livingston County Board of Supervisors
    • Livingston County Farm Bureau
    • Livingston County Planning Department
    • Livingston County Real Property Tax Services
    • Livingston County Soil & Water Conservation Committee

The AFPB receives staff support from the County Planning Department.


Living in the Country: What to Expect from your Farm Neighbors

A quiet rural life appeals to many people, as evidenced by the continuing growth of residential homes in what has traditionally been open farmland. As more and more non-farm families build or move into homes adjacent to actively farmed land, conflicts are bound to arise. This brochure is designed to ease the transition into living in an agricultural community by providing new homeowners with information to acquaint them with daily life in a farming community and what they can do to support their farm neighbors.

Farmer Neighbor Brochure

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