What happens after I take the exam?
Your written exam will be scored. Some exams are scored locally (by Livingston County) while others are scored by New York State. On the day of the exam, you will be informed of when you may expect to receive the results of your written exam. You will also be informed as to whether you should call the Livingston County Personnel Office for results or whether results will be sent to you by mail. Some written exams are followed by a performance test (typically a typing/keyboarding test). If a performance test is required, you will be required to take the performance test if you pass the written exam. Once Livingston County has all exam scores, it will create an eligible list. The eligible list is a list of all persons who took the exam and passed. The list is organized in rank order. You will be informed of your exam score and rank. The higher your rank (i.e. the lower the rank number), the better your chance for consideration for employment.

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