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  1. FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) REQUEST

    Notice of Intention to Examine Public Records

  1. Report a Problem

County Historian

  1. Book Order Form
  2. County Historian Internship / Volunteer Application

    Interested in becoming a volunteer or establishing an internship with the County Historian's Office? Fill out this form and we will... More…

  3. Livingston County Women's Biographical Review

    Please submit responses by November 15th, 2020.

  4. Research Request Form
  1. Cemetery Survey Form for Town Clerks
  2. COVID-19 Documentation Project Survey

    The County Historian wants to hear from you about the local and personal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter what your... More…

  3. Oral History Submission Form
  4. Survey for Cemetery Associations / Caretakers

Department of Health

  1. 2020 Children's Camp Operator Survey

    A survey of operational capacity for children's camps in the 2020 camp season

  2. Hospice Referral Form

    You will be contacted by Livingston County Hospice to learn or start services yourself or someone nearing end of life care.

  3. Livonia Rabies Clinic Pre-Registration

    Register here for the Livonia Rabies Clinic on September 15, 2020 from 5-7pm.

  4. Referral for Perinatal Infant Community Health Collaborative (Community Health Worker) program

    This form is to submit a referral for the Perinatal Infant Community Health Collaborative program (PICHC), previously known as the:... More…

  5. Report Your Restaurant Status

    This is a voluntary report to notify the Livingston County Department of Health about the status of food service operations.

  1. Foodworker Course Registration

    Sign up for the free in-person foodworker training course


    This form is used to report potential rabies exposures.

  3. Public Health Nuisance Complaint Form

    This form allows reporting of complaints pertaining to public health.

  4. Report a COVID-19 Regulation Violation

    Report a violation of COVID-19 infection control regulations at a facility permitted by the Health Department: restaurant, bar,... More…

Grants & Public Info

  1. LivCo@200

    Your input is important. Tell us what you want for the future of Livingston County!

  1. Speakers Bureau Request Form

    To request a speaker from Livingston County, complete the form below. Please submit your request at least three weeks prior to the... More…


  1. Bronson Hill Public Comment Form

    Make comments on Bronson Hill Rehabilitation Project

  2. Driveway Permit Application
  3. Resident Concerns
  1. Dow Rd Public Comment Form

    Make comments on Dow Road Bridge Replacement Project

  2. Presbyterian Road Public Comment Form

    Make comments on CR 72- Presbyterian Road Culvert Replacement Project

  3. Stones Falls Road Public Comment Form

    Make comments on Stones Fall Rd Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Public Defender

  1. Public Defender Application

    If you are submitting an application for CRIMINAL COURT, you must supply your court documents and recent paycheck stubs if you are... More…

Record Management

  1. Request our help to find a document

    Need help figuring out where to find a document? Feel free to call (585)243-7503 or submit this form. We will get back to you as soon... More…

Veteran Service Agency

  1. Veteran Pledge of Allegiance form

    Please fill out this form to assist us in creating your bio to be read prior to the Board of Supervisors' meeting.

Water & Sewer Authority

  1. Meter Reading Form

    The February and May bills are estimated. Please submit this form if you would like an actual bill for those quarters. For the... More…