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  1. Order Form: Women's Biographical Review
  2. Order your limited-edition copy of the Women's Biographical Review: Achievers, Leaders, and Role Models! Orders are first-come, first serve.

    Price: $28.00 ea (tax is included)

    Pick up: FREE

    Shipping: $9.65 for up to two books to the same address (More than two books is additional $9.65). 

    For shipping to different addresses, please fill out separate form for each address.

  3. Womens book cover
  4. Delivery Method*
  5. Payment Options

    If picking up in person, payment can be accepted at time of pickup (cash or check only). Office open M-F 1:00-4:30pm, calling ahead recommended.

    If requesting delivery by mail, please calculate order total (book + mailing). Make check out to Livingston County Historian and send check to:

    Livingston County Historian's Office

    5 Murray Hill Dr.

    Mt. Morris, NY 14510

    Payment must be received or book picked up within 30 days or the order is void.

    Thank you!!

  6. Price Cheat Sheet

    1 book shipped: $28 + 9.65 = $37.65

    2 books shipped: $28 x 2 + $9.65 = $65.65

    3 books shipped: $28 x 3 + $9.65 x 2 = $103.03

    4 books shipped: $28 x 4 + $9.65 X 2 = $131.30

    Contact the County Historian's Office

    (585) 243-7955 

  7. We'll get right back to you!

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