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Livingston County Women's Biographical Review

  1. Livingston County Women's Biographical Review
  2. In honor of Livingston County’s Bicentennial in 2021, the County Historian’s Office is seeking biographical information on notable women associated with the county from all time periods. Whether large or small, local women’s diverse contributions add to the depth and breadth of local history. Please help document women’s stories by submitting a biography of a notable woman today!
  3. We will follow up with questions if needed.
  4. Include maiden name if applicable
  5. Please include the notable woman's connections to Livingston County, and basic timeline of her life if possible. Describe her achievements and the impact she had on her community, state, and/or nation.
  6. Please upload a photograph - or several! - of the woman.
  7. Thank you for sharing information with us and helping to preserve and promote women's history!
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