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Department of Health

  1. 2020 Children's Camp Operator Survey

    A survey of operational capacity for children's camps in the 2020 camp season


    This form is used to report potential rabies exposures.

  3. Public Health Nuisance Complaint Form

    This form allows reporting of complaints pertaining to public health.

  4. Report Your Restaurant Status

    This is a voluntary report to notify the Livingston County Department of Health about the status of food service operations.

  1. Foodworker Course Registration

    Sign up for the free in-person foodworker training course

  2. Livonia Rabies Clinic Pre-Registration

    Register here for the Livonia Rabies Clinic on September 15, 2020 from 5-7pm.

  3. Report a COVID-19 Regulation Violation

    Report a violation of COVID-19 infection control regulations at a facility permitted by the Health Department: restaurant, bar,... More…