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Livonia Rabies Clinic Pre-Registration

  1. Pre-Registration for the Livonia Rabies Clinic 9/15/2020
  2. Include area code
  3. Include email address to receive your appointment time by email.
  4. Appointments will be scheduled by the Health Department and you will be notified of your time by email or phone.
    If you have a preferred time please indicate it below and we will try to accommodate.
  5. Preferred appointment time (not guaranteed)
  6. If more than 5, please call the Health Department at 585-243-7280
  7. Animal 1
  8. Animal*
  9. Approximate is ok. Animals must be at least 12 weeks old to receive the vaccination.
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  11. Animal
  12. Animal 3
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  14. Animal 4
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  18. clinic prereg
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