• Image of Shaker buildings with men and women raking leaves in yard
  • Aerial view of Craig Colony campus
  • Image of large wooden horse-drawn wagon with musicians in it at Craig Colony
  • Image of women sewing in room at Craig Colony
  • Image of men working in shoe shop at Craig Colony inside brick building
  • image looking down sidewalk at Craig Colony green for male patients
  • Image of five young boys, a basketball team
  • Image of men working in woodshop at Craig Colony
  • Image of Pennsylvania Railroad station depot at Craig Colony
  • Laundry Room and Workers, 1945
  • Image of children feeding chickens and turkeys at Craig Colony
  • Capping Class, 1951
  • Image of William T. Shananhan and other men on steps of building at Craig Colony
  • Landscape view of buildings that comprised White City at Craig Colony
  • Graduating class 1961

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